Fr Board 50mm 2-S Ribbed
Product Code: A007
Fr Board 60mm 2-S Ribbed
Product Code: A008

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Protecta® FR Board has been designed to maintain the fire resistance of separating walls/floors where they are breached by single or multiple building services. It consists of a rigid stone wool core, sealed with Protecta® FR Coating on 1 or both faces. The coating provides an important barrier to the passage of fire, smoke & hot gases through the thickness of the board, reducing the rate at which the stone wool core heats up. This provides a better heat sink for the dissipation of conducted heat through penetrations with higher thermal conductivity.

Selection of the board coated on 1 or both faces

is determined by installation considerations & fire resistance requirements. Protecta® FR Board & Protecta® FR Acrylic should be used together for sealing around service penetrations & the adjacent separating construction.

Protecta® products are tested to the highest standards, manufactured using the highest quality materials and our core products have achieved ETA’s. 

UL Certified.

4 Hour Rating

Versatile One Product Solution

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