Firetherm Intustrap/Intuband

Intustrap/Intuband 2hr Wrap 55mm
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Intustrap/Intuband 2hr Wrap 82mm
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Intustrap/Intuband 2hr Wrap 110mm
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Intustrap/Intuband 2hr Wrap 160mm
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Firetherm Intustrap is a ruberoid strip with high flexibility and is most commonly used around all types of pipe Insulation up to 50 mm thick or combustible pipes with a diameter of between 20 mm and 160 mm.

Intustrap may also be used around conduits, cables (if required), and to close ventilated air spaces.

Intubands are pre-configured pipe wraps to suit proprietary pipe size.

Unaffected by moisture

œFully tested for up to 240 minutes integrity and insulation (dependent on application)

œAvailable in easy to handle rolls or pre-configured bands to suit pipe size

œSimply link with duct tape

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