Envirograf Door Upgrading Kits

White door Kit for 4 doors
Product Code: PFP KIt
Clear door Kit for 4 doors
Product Code: PFP C Kit

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Envirograf offer a large range of solutions for upgrading new or old doors; our systems can upgrade all types of doors from flat panelled or raised and fielded as long as it meets the criteria.

The door kit system consists of our Hw intumescent fire coating to upgrade you doors. 

Door Kit 

1 litre Primer

2 litres Intumescent paint

1 litre Top coat 

IMPORTANT - You MUST ensure your door(s) meet our minimum requirements. Please get advice from our technical team before purchasing. Thank you

BS476 Parts 20,21 & 22

VNE European Standard EN1363-1 (2000)

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