Envirograf Intumescent Fire & Sound Gaskets

Single Fire & Sound Trap for electrical boxes
Product Code: FST/INT/S/S
Double Fire & Sound Trap for electrical boxes
Product Code: FST/INT/D/D

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Envirogarf offer an extensive range of fire prevention intumescent gaskets that provide multiple solutions to cover electrical requirements.

Intumescent fire protection gaskets range 

An intumescent gasket that fits into BESA boxes, universal conduit boxes, and socket or switch boxes designed to comply with British Standards and IEE Regulations.


Electrical socket fire and sound trap

Unprotected openings for electrical sockets will reduce the acoustic performance of walls and compromise the resistance to fire. To comply with Documents B and E of the current UK Building Regulations, the integrity of the wall must be maintained, and this can be easily achieved with the new Envirograf® Fire and Sound Trap (FST). This versatile product will encase airborne and impact sound and, in the event of a fire, the product will entrap the flames within the socket box for up to two hours, ensuring that there is no penetration of flames and smoke through the socket and into the wall cavity.

This streamlined product, with its double action design, will help to save lives and combat both airborne and impact sound. It is extremely flexible and it can be easily fitted in seconds to all types of electrical socket boxes, thus saving valuable installation time. The new Passive Fire Products, Envirograf® Fire and Sound Trap (FST) can be fitted internally or externally to both UPVC and metal socket boxes and it has been tested in accordance with the principles of BS EN1366-3, achieving two hours of fire protection.


New acoustic & fire protection for metal socket & switch boxes

An intumescent gasket to adhere inside the metal box. Can have holes cut into the gaskets to accommodate tubes and cables. For both single and double boxes, with larger gasket for cooker boxes etc. The gasket has DS tape on the back to adhere to the inside of the metal box. The acoustic sponge gasket has corners cut to allow quick & easy application onto the box. 

Intumescent fire protection gaskets range

Envirograf® gaskets in metal boxes gave up to 4 hours fire protection and 70 minutes integrity and insulation in dry-lining boxes when tested to BS476 Parts 20/22 (1987). Plastic boxes in ceilings/walls have also been tested to European Standards EN1365-2 (1999), NEN6069 (2005), and EN1364-1 (1999) for 84 minutes.


New acoustic & fire protection for metal socket & switch boxes

Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987) and achieved 4 hours in solid walls and 71 minutes in cavity walls. Acoustic protection to Robust Details & 17th Edition IEE Regulations tested in accordance with BS EN 1403 (1995) & rated in accordance with BS EN 150 717/1 (1997). Acoustic criteria tested to BS476, Parts 20/22, EN 1364-1 (1999) & EN 1365-2 (1999).


All Electrical Products must comply with the revised 17th Edition of the IEE Regulations and Document B of UK Building Regulations

– Solutions for both plastic and metal boxes, providing up to 4 hours protection- Compatible with single or double socket or switch boxes, BESA boxes, universal conduit boxes and ceiling roses

– Complies with IEE Wiring Regulations, bringing standard boxes in line with Document B

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